I Want to Get My Head Around MS!

Enrol now for 4 great modules outlining simple psychological strategies to help you live well with MS

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1: Who am I now? Self Identity after a Diagnosis of MS.

    • Why is Self Identity Important?

    • How does it feel to be diagnosed with MS?

    • Is it ever good to be diagnosed with MS?

    • Did you know anyone with MS before you were diagnosed?

    • Self Identity can be challenged more than once.

    • Animation - The Jigsaw Analogy

    • Challenge Worksheets Module 1

    • My MS Diagnosis Story Challenge

    • Telling the doctor about your symptoms.

    • Telling others about your symptoms.

    • What were the first coping strategies you used?

    • Every MS diagnosis story is unique.

    • How to cope well with change.

    • Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

    • Module 1 Wrap Up

    • Module 1: Survey (4 quick questions)

  • 3

    Module 2: The CEO Analogy. Managing a life with MS.

    • How to approach living with MS strategically.

    • "I'm not going to let MS beat me' v 'I can't do anything now that I have MS'

    • Living with MS will bring challenges.

    • A self management approach.

    • Animation - The CEO Analogy

    • Challenge Worksheets Module 2

    • Top Level Executives Challenge

    • Who your executives should be (and who they shouldn't be)!

    • Who can you employ as consultants?

    • My Departments Challenge

    • Sub-departments and considerations

    • My Red Flags Challenge

    • Module 2 Wrap Up

    • Module 2: Survey

  • 4

    Module 3: Stress Management 101 for PwMS (it’s really important).

    • Let's look at Stress and MS

    • Does stress have a role in MS diagnosis or symptoms?

    • Why is stress management important for PwMS?

    • Animation - Stress Management 101 for PwMS

    • Challenge Worksheets Module 3

    • Identifying the Stress - The Daily Hassles Challenge

    • What am I cooking for dinner?

    • Identifying the Stress - The Chronic Sources of Stress Challenge

    • Identifying the Joy - The Everyday Joys Challenge

    • Identifying the Joy - Plan for Joy Challenge

    • Module 3 Wrap Up

    • Module 3: Survey

  • 5

    Module 4: The Communication Continuum. How to talk about your MS with the people you love.

    • Effective communication is the key

    • MS is in the relationship (it just happens to be in YOUR body)

    • Your loved ones can't read your mind

    • Our loved ones are going through a life changing event too

    • Don't aim for comfortable, aim for EFFECTIVE communication

    • Animation - The MS Communication Continuum

    • Worksheets Module 4

    • Where do you sit on the Communication Continuum? Challenge

    • How comfortable are you talking about your symptoms?

    • We don't want to talk about MS all the time!

    • The uncertainty of MS can be hard to talk about.

    • 'Everything's Fine' v 'It's All About Me'

    • Key Messages Challenge

    • Talking about your MS doesn't mean you expect your loved one to fix it

    • Module 4 Wrap Up

    • Module 4 (end of course): Survey