Review of MS: Get Your Head Around It!

Engaging, encouraging, essential!

Paul (Melbourne, Australia)

The course was even better than I expected! Having heard, seen and read Dr Sally's work over the years, it was no surprise that this course would be valuable and well communicated. What did surprise me was how I wanted to tell other people about it while watching the videos and answering the questions. I am a fairly quiet and introverted person, but the quality of this course made me want to say to others with MS, 'You NEED to do this course!' - 5 STARS

Do yourself a favor and watch this online course now.

Jenni (Melbourne, Australia)

So informative, in manageable entertaining video format. Sally has a real knack of engaging the viewer with her insights. - 5 STARS


What you should expect.

  • Short & Engaging Lessons

    A 4 week course made up of 30-45 minute modules that include video, animation and worksheet content.

  • Put into Practice What You Learn

    Learn coping strategies to manage your MS, and consolidate your learning with printable pdf worksheets.

  • Live a Strategic and Empowered Life

    Each Module will help you get your head around living with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Less than a Single Session of Psychology

    At $197 AUD, the breadth of content covered in the course is value for money

What is ‘MS: Get Your Head Around It!’?

The ‘MS: Get Your Head Around It!’ program was created by Dr Sally Shaw, a PwMS and a psychologist, after decades of working with people with MS in Melbourne, Australia. Living with MS is such a different experience for everyone, and yet we all share a common experience of uncertainty. MS: Get Your Head Around It! has been designed to bring together the best psychological approaches to living well with MS across several domains; self identity, self management, communication, and stress management.

This course will help you overcome:

• Feeling isolated and alone in your diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
• Questions of self identity now that you have MS
• Difficult communication with the people you love
• Not knowing how to approach living well with a chronic health condition
• Stress levels feeling out of control

Learn some important psychological coping strategies, and move forward strategically to live well with MS!

And you will gain:

• A sense of connection to other people with MS
• Positive approach to living with Multiple Sclerosis
• An ability to embrace self management goals
• Effective communication strategies specific to MS symptoms
• Confidence that you can do this!

Get your head around MS so that you can get back to focusing on your life.

Course Module Information

  • Module 1: Who am I now? Self Identity after a Diagnosis of MS.

    • Examine your own MS diagnosis story.
    • Review questions we all had at diagnosis – you are not alone!
    • Explore your self-identity and enhance core components to wellbeing.
    • Discover the key principle to coping with change.
    • Learn some self compassion following a diagnosis of MS.

  • Module 2: The CEO Analogy. Managing a life with MS.

    • How to approach living with MS strategically.
    • Get your head around self management.
    • Putting MS into perspective – MS is not your boss (but you can’t fire it either).
    • Identify your red flags and live your life (don’t ignore OR get consumed by your MS).

  • Module 3: Stress Management 101 for PwMS (it’s really important).

    • Do you think there might be a link between stress and MS?
    • How to manage different stressors – the basics that will help.
    • The importance of identifying what you have control over.
    • Working hard to identify the joy as a key component of stress management.

  • Module 4: The Communication Continuum. How to talk about your MS with the people you love.

    • Examine why it is so hard to talk about your MS.
    • Learn the difference between ‘effective’ and ‘comfortable’ communication.
    • Develop a strategic approach to communication with your loved ones.
    • Feel empowered to communicate well.


    Watch engaging videos and animations to explain concepts and explore psychological strategies to make a difference to your life with MS.


    Game changing ways to look at MS in your life to make sure that you equip yourself with the valuable tools needed to cope with this diagnosis.


    Less than an hour a week for four weeks to watch videos and complete worksheets to help you Get Your Head Around MS.


Dr. Sally Shaw is a Psychologist and PwMS, and will help you get your head around living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Sally Shaw, DPsych

Hi there… I’m Sally. I’m a Psychologist who works with people with MS, I’m a person with MS myself (diagnosed in 2001), and the creator of the course ‘MS: Get Your Head Around It!’.

This course was built because people with MS need more than just google searches and the medication prescribed by doctors when they are first diagnosed with MS. They need coping strategies and help to frame their perspective of what this diagnosis will mean to their lives.

This course doesn’t tell you which diet to go on, or that you should be doing more exercise (although, more exercise isn’t a bad idea to be honest), but it will help you to be strategic in your thinking about MS, so that you can live well with it, no matter what it throws at you.

Really, I just want to help you get your head around MS so you can keep on going, and keep on being you!

No matter what happens, you will be ok. I look forward to working with you, Sally
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